What you need to know about Infections

Below are facts you should know related to the Consumer Report article

Baptist Health Floyd always closely monitors all of our quality indicators including infections. We take all infections very seriously.  As reported by The American Hospital Association, hospitals that are most diligent about looking for any exposure to infection may find more to report.

In June 2013, Baptist Health Floyd’s method of testing for detection of C.diff was changed to a more sensitive testing method, which coincides with our increase in detection of organisms.  This new testing method allows us to identify more cases than we were able to identify previously; therefore, resulting in better treatment for patients.

When we changed mid-year 2013 to the higher sensitivity test, we were still being compared to the previous group of hospitals that were still testing with the less sensitive method. In 2015, the reporting plan now requires that you list your method of testing monthly.

Many hospitals do not use this same testing method because of the additional expense related to it. Baptist Health Floyd has chosen to run this test in spite of the additional cost to provide better care for our patients.

Due to the new testing method, we identified the need for an enhanced infection prevention process:

  • We increased the number of Infection Preventionists to enable us to better identify and follow up on appropriate measures.
  • An Antimicrobial Stewardship program began in 2013 to assist in a more appropriate use of antibiotics.
  • A lengthy investigation was performed and concluded the increase in C.diff was a result of the new testing.

MRSA was noted to be elevated in 2013 and the first half of 2014.  Therefore, during the summer of 2014, we initiated a Scrub-the-Hub Campaign, and in September of 2014, we enhanced our emphasis on isolation precautions.

  • Since that initial period, we have nearly eliminated MRSA bloodstream infections.

We continue to do surveillance rounds twice weekly, and individual correction and education are done as needed.

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