Baptist Health Floyd Physical Therapy’s Charlestown Road location at 3891 Charlestown Road in New Albany (behind Kohl’s), offers group Mat and Pink Ribbon/Gentle Pilates classes in their exercise studio. The classes are taught by a certified Pilates instructor.


Pilates is designed to gently strengthen and elongate muscles, while focusing on the core of the body. Consistent practice of the core strengthening exercises will provide support of the spinal column that can help alleviate back pain, and compress the mid section to create a slimmer waistline. The arm and leg movements will help to tone and reshape the rest of the body. Modifications are always taught so that Pilates can be beneficial to just about everyone. Pilates also focuses on mind and body awareness, and breathing is an integral part of the exercise that energizes and also creates a sense of calm and well-being.

Pilates can be done on the floor with a mat, and also using the Reformer, a piece of equipment that uses spring tension and body weight to execute precise movements. The same Pilates principles are used with each, and both are gentle and can be modified. Pilates can also be modified for the stronger client by adding challenging movements and stronger tension. Mat and Reformer Pilates complement each other very well, but choosing one or the other is common practice.

Pink Ribbon Program/Gentle Pilates

Baptist Health Floyd Physical Therapy is proud to be the only facility in Southern Indiana to offer the Pink Ribbon Program for breast cancer surgery patients. Led by Pilates instructor and Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist (BCES), Susie Stewart, the program is designed to facilitate recovery from breast cancer surgery including lumpectomy, mastectomy and breast cancer reconstructive surgeries. Recent studies indicate there is a link between moderate physical exercise and improved quality of life for breast cancer survivors. The program focuses on gentle movement to increase range of motion and decrease pain and swelling. Susie focuses on stretching and strengthening the shoulder, chest, back and abdominal muscles, allowing patients to regain full range of motion to those areas affected by breast cancer surgery. The program is suitable for recent surgery as well as surgery from several years ago, and accommodates all fitness levels. Weekly classes are free for breast cancer patients and survivors thanks to a grant from the Floyd Memorial Foundation. Class size is limited, so call 812.945.3440 to reserve your spot.

There are several cost-saving packages available with no monthly or yearly obligation. Call 812.945.3440 for more information or to sign up for a class.