Hospital Department Directory

Department Name Phone Location
Switchboard 812-944-7701 First Floor
Accounts Payable 812-949-5619 Basement
Administration 812-949-5500 First Floor
Outpatient Services 812-949-5734 First Floor
Billing Questions 812-949-5860 Basement
Mother and Baby 812-948-7420 Fourth Floor
Cardiac Rehabilitation 812-948-7501 First Floor
Patient Relations 812-949-5866
Imaging 812-948-7409 First Floor
Financial Counseling 812-949-5726
Food & Nutrition 812-981-6547 First Floor
Foundation 812-949-5519 First Floor
Gift Shop 812-949-7167 First Floor
Health Education 812-949-5513 First Floor
Heart and Vascular Center 812-949-7088 First Floor
Home Care 812-948-7447 Baptist Health Floyd Health Pavilion
Human Resources and Development 812-948-7401 First Floor
Information Desk 812-948-7400 First Floor
Laboratory 812-948-7405 Basement
Laboratory РExpress Lab 812-981-6614 First Floor
Marketing and Public Relations 812-948-6728 First Floor
Medical Care Management 812-949-5703 First Floor
Medical Records 812-948-7422 First Floor
Medical Staff Services 812-948-6750 First Floor
Pain Management 812-949-5790 First Floor
Patient Pre-Registration 812-948-7411
Patient Registration 812-949-5520 First Floor
Patient Room Information 812-948-7400 First Floor
Physician Recruitment 812-981-6673
Security 812-949-5788 First Floor
Sleep Disorders Center 812-949-5550 Basement
Social Services 812-949-5703 First Floor
Speech Therapy 812-948-6725 First Floor
Spine Center 812-949-5933 First Floor
Supply Chain Management 812-948-7403 Basement
Volunteer Services 812-948-6734 First Floor
Wound Care 812-949-7964 First Floor
Women’s Imaging 812-949-7799 First Floor