Sports Medicine

The Baptist Health Floyd Sports Medicine Program Gets Athletes Back in the Game

The Sports Medicine Program at Baptist Health Floyd consists of a comprehensive lineup of specialists who team up to treat athletes of all ages and abilities. Middle and high school athletes, college athletes and recreational athletes at any level are evaluated and treated. Common sports injuries include:

Starting Lineup

Baptist Health Floyd’s team consists of sports medicine physicians with special training in the treatment of common sports injuries, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and athletic trainers. Each has years of experience and specialized training to help get athletes back in the game and stay healthy. The specialists in our Sports Medicine Program work with many local middle and high schools and colleges. Most of our team members are former athletes themselves.

Prevention is Key

Knowing when to seek treatment is important. If your child is a school athlete, follow the advice of your school’s athletic trainer. Many sports injuries occur due to improper warm-up and conditioning or because the level of intensity was increased too quickly. You should slowly build muscle and strength well before your sport begins.

Growth center injuries in the hips, knees, heels and elbows are common in growing school athletes. The growth centers are places between bones that have not fully developed where muscle tone is not built up enough to support the joints. Proper time to rest and the appropriate exercise with resistance bands starting with the core muscles of the hip have a cascading effect and also help strengthen the knees and ankles.

The Sports Medicine providers at Baptist Health Floyd try to return the athlete to play safely as quickly as possible. Most sports injuries don’t require surgery. If you catch problems early, they are easier to treat and prevent further damage and injury.

Surgical Expertise and Advanced Technology

If surgery for an injury is required, Baptist Health Floyd offers advanced outpatient arthroscopic techniques that help reduce recovery time, decrease scarring and cause less trauma to the connective tissue. Common injuries requiring arthroscopic surgery include rotator cuff injury; ACL tears in the knee; meniscus tears in the knee; labrum tears in the shoulder; damage to the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee; inflamed lining in the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist or ankle; carpal tunnel release; torn ligaments and removal of loose bone or cartilage in the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle or wrist.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) is also performed on qualifying patients. Click here to watch a brief video explanation of PRP by Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Sports Medicine Physician and Orthopedic Surgeon, Kris Abeln, MD.

Physical Therapy

Overuse injuries in the knees and shoulders are the most commonly seen by our outpatient physical therapists who are specially trained in sports medicine. With an injury, exercise may help you get back in the game. Without an injury, exercise can also be helpful in preventing an injury. It must be the right exercise with correct technique. If done incorrectly, it can do more harm than good. Our physical therapists can teach athletes the proper way to rehab their injury. If you have any doubts about correct techniques, sometimes it only takes one visit to show you how to do it.

Free Screenings

Sports Injury Screenings
Weekdays by appointment
All Baptist Health Floyd Physical Therapy Locations

Free sports injury screenings are held every Wednesday from 3 to 4 pm on a walk-in basis to middle and high school athletes. The screenings are performed by licensed physical therapists to evaluate your injury and determine where your plan of care should go. Click here to find a Baptist Health Floyd Physical Therapy location near you.

Free Physical Therapy Screenings
Weekdays by appointment
All Baptist Health Floyd Physical Therapy Locations

A licensed physical therapist will answer questions about your orthopedic issue, injury or neurological disorder, and give recommendations for treatment and/or follow up care. If necessary, we will recommend that you see a physician or specialist, or schedule a full visit for a more comprehensive physical therapy diagnosis and recommended treatment. Call 812.948.7416 to schedule an appointment. Click here to find a Baptist Health Floyd Physical Therapy location near you.

Helpful Videos on Common Injuries

Watch videos by board certified fellowship trained sports medicine and orthopedic surgeon, Kris Abeln, MD, about common sports injuries below:

  • Click here to watch a video on ACL Injury and Prevention
  • Click here to watch a video on Concussions
  • Click here to watch a video on Rotator Cuff Injury and Treatment
  • Click here to watch a video on Treatment of Sprains
  • Click here to watch a video on Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Dr. Abeln will be working with a stellar group of doctors and trainers to provide orthopedic and sports medicine care at Jeffersonville, Clarksville, Providence, Charlestown, and North Harrison High Schools. This is in addition to continuing his work with Indiana University Southeast, the University of Louisville and Waggener High School. To follow Dr. Abeln’s blog, go to

For a downloadable Baptist Health Floyd Sports Medicine brochure, click here.