Knee Replacement

Are You Ready for Knee Replacement Surgery?

Having total knee replacement is not a decision to come to lightly. Here is a guide to help you decide if the time is right to consider the procedure:

Signs it’s Time to Consider Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Your knee pain keeps you awake, or awakens you at night
  • Your knee pain limits activities necessary for your daily routine, such as climbing stairs or getting up from a chair
  • Engaging in physical activity of any kind is painful, and you find yourself becoming more sedentary in general
  • You have tried conservative treatments for a reasonable amount of time, but continue to have persistent pain

Signs You Should Continue with Conservative Treatments

  • Your knee pain does not limit your ability to engage in normal activities in your daily routine
  • You are only limited to high-impact activities, such as running or playing contact sports
  • Your pain and symptoms are improving with conservative treatments