Surgical Services – and More – Earn Top Recognition

“For me, the biggest draw at Baptist Health Floyd was the exceptional group of doctors here. I also believe the hospital has the best patient and staff services,the best amenities, and undoubtedly the best relationships among staff. I can honestly say that I have never seen so many people who work together day in and day out with smiles on their faces and genuinely pleasant dispositions.””It’s amazing, but it seems like almost everyone here either knows each other or knows someone who knows the other person. It’s wonderful for the patients, because odds are that there’ll be some connection between them and their caregivers.”

Steven Harrell, MD
Gastroenterology of Southern Indiana

“Among the latest advancements in orthopedic surgery are more streamlined trauma products that allow surgeons to use smaller incisions and bio mechanically stronger implants. These help reduce complications and make recovery faster and easier on patients, allowing earlier mobilization after surgery, which is especially important.People need to get back to their lives.”

Ganesh Ramachandran, DO
Board Certified Hand and Orthopedic Surgeon
Baptist Health Floyd Orthopedic Group

“The open communication in the operating room between the doctors and techs, the nurses, anesthesiologists and other great staff keeps things running smoothly. Each person is really tuned in and acutely aware not only of their own responsibilities but also of how they fit into the overall picture with those around them. It’s a true team effort that goes a long way toward averting problems before they occur.”

“At Baptist Health Floyd, the surgeons are provided with anything and everything we need to help ensure that all procedures are carried out safely and successfully. Excellent safety protocols are in place and Baptist Health Floyd is unquestionably a topnotch institution. I’ve practiced in virtually every hospital in the area. In deciding to make Baptist Health Floyd my home, I feel I’ve truly made the right choice. The atmosphere throughout the hospital is warm and inclusive. All care, services and personnel are accommodating to the patients. And the long-term plan is for the focus to remain steadily centered on providing exceptional patient care.”

Carolyn Day, MD
Board Certified General Surgeon