Spine Center Brings Uniquely Comprehensive Approach to Patient Care

Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic/Spine Surgeon and Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Specialist Collaborate for Optimal Patient Results

Baptist Health Floyd’s newly opened Spine Center features a unique model of patient care rarely available under one roof. Three physicians, Neurosurgeon Michael Doyle, MD, Orthopedic/ Spine Surgeon Mohammad Majd, MD and Physical Medicine/ Rehabilitation Specialist, Rodney Chou, MD, collaborate in a one-of-a-kind partnership to provide superior solutions to complex conditions-sometimes even extending their teamwork into the operating room.

“One of the most common difficulties spinal patients encounter is that their treatment is incredibly fragmented. They have to visit multiple physicians and undergo multiple testing procedures in different locations, with large spans of time between each visit before they are actually ready to receive treatment. Under this new model, we’ll be able to expedite the treatment process in a way that no other facility in the area can. With the best experts all available in one location, this is truly the region’s most comprehensive spine center.”

Michael Doyle, MD
Board Certified Neurosurgeon
Baptist Health Floyd Spine Center

A Wide Range of Expertise in One Location

Spinal injuries or disorders can be some of the most debilitating conditions a patient can suffer from, affecting nearly every aspect of their life. An active, independent lifestyle free from pain and with the freedom to participate in enjoyable activities is the basic goal that every person suffering from back pain wants to achieve, and it’s more than an attainable goal at the Baptist Health Floyd Spine Center.

“Our aim in establishing the Spine Center at Baptist Health Floyd was to simplify the spinal care process for our patients,” explained Dr. Chou. “Patients with spinal conditions can spend an enormous amount of time making appointments with different specialists and having various tests done in different facilities before they are finally able to get the care that’s most appropriate for their condition.

“Having access to such a wide range of spinal care specialists and treatment options in one location is incredibly unique. Each patient is cared for by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals working in collaboration with one another towards the same common goal. It sounds simple, but is truly a huge step forward in the treatment of spinal conditions.”

Mohammad Majd, MD
Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon
Baptist Health Floyd Spine Center

This is far from what we envision as optimal patient care. Spinal conditions need to be diagnosed and treated as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize the injury to the spine and the rest of the body so the patient can get back to doing the things they love to do. Creating a Spine Center with all the necessary specialists, tests and treatment options under one roof ensures that the patient’s physicians, nurses and therapists are all working in conjunction with one another towards the same common goal-the successful treatment and rehabilitation of that patient.”

A Simple and Efficient Model of Care

The Center will operate under a very patient-centric model aimed at making the spinal care process as simple and easy for patients as possible. Anyone interested in a consultation at the Center may call the main phone line at 812-949-5933 or 1-877-487-5933.

Most patients that schedule an appointment will see Dr. Chou at their first visit. He will perform an evaluation, order any necessary tests and determine the best course of treatment, whether that be a referral for conservative treatment, or when indicated, a consultation with a surgeon. For added patient convenience, the Spine Center coordinator will assist with scheduling appointments as well as any other diagnostic tests ordered by the physician. The coordinator will also ensure timely follow-up with patients and help to maintain continuity of care within the Spine Center by maintaining communication and updates with each patient’s referring physician.

“This model of care ensures that patients are seeing the specialists that are most appropriate for their specific condition. Many patients seek the care of spinal surgeons because they’re not sure whom else to see. These patients can be in the care of physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, while surgeons can be caring for patients eligible for corrective repair.”

Rodney Chou, MD
Board Certified Physical Medicine
and Rehabilitation Specialist
Baptist Health Floyd Spine Center

In addition to the Center’s excellent panel of physicians and surgeons, Manual and McKenzie certified physical therapists with a wealth of experience in conservative rehabilitation options are also on hand, in addition to an extensive in-house Pain Management Center.

Technology and Training You Can Count on

Convenience and timeliness of treatment are important, but pale in comparison to the importance of access to the latest technologies and physicians who are well versed and up-to-date on the most cutting edge procedures. The Baptist Health Floyd Spine Center boasts all of these and more. “I have complete confidence in treating my patients at Baptist Health Floyd,” said Dr. Majd. “Minimally invasive procedures that lessen trauma to the spine, require shorter hospital stays and enable quicker recoveries are undoubtedly the direction spinal surgery is headed. Many patients think they need to cross the river to have access to facilities that have the technology to carry out these procedures, but that is simply not true.

Baptist Health Floyd has committed itself to investing in the latest technologies and treatment modalities.” Dr. Doyle further elaborated on the advantages to this unique model of care, “As a neurosurgeon, I am grateful for the opportunity the Spine Center affords me to work along-side an orthopedic/spine surgeon such as Dr. Majd. We can work together in the operating room on complicated cases, bringing a more comprehensive approach to the procedure and ultimately ensuring a better outcome for the patient.”

Interested in learning more about treatment options at the Baptist Health Floyd Spine Center

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