Quick Response Saves Baby Boy’s Life After Traumatic Birth

Mandy Schindler and her husband Josh never dreamed that the birth of their first baby would turn out the way it did, but in the end, the result was more than they ever could have hoped for. On April 1, after a grueling 24 hours of labor, they were told that their baby boy, Chase Michael, was in distress, and an emergency c-section was needed. Born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck three times, and subsequently not breathing, Chase was immediately whisked away by Emergency Medicine Physician Stan Hubert, MD, and a team of respiratory therapists and labor and delivery nurses.

Mandy & Chase Schindler
“Dr. Hubert and his team’s quick thinking and dedication saved my baby’s life. To see him now doing so well without any complications at all is the greatest gift in the world, and I have them to thank for that. I’m so grateful that they were there when we needed them most.”
Mandy & Chase Schindler
S. Hubert
“Many people don’t realize that as emergency medicine physicians, we are often called to respond to in-hospital emergencies, particularly emergency intubations and resuscitations. Baby Chase was one of these cases. We used a multitude of advanced airway and resuscitative techniques on him for over an hour, and while he was initially slow to respond, he really came around in the last 30 minutes. I initially believed that his recovery would have been much more prolonged, but he did exceptionally well and was able to avoid being transferred to intensive care and go home on a normal schedule.”
Stanley Hubert, MD
Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician
Floyd Emergency Medicine Associates

Dr. Hubert explained what happened next, “Chase was in a condition of severe respiratory distress, so the bulk of our intervention was focused on providing immediate oxygenation and ventilation. We intubated him to secure and open his airway, and began administering a variety of resuscitation methods. He was quite slow to respond to our efforts, but after an hour he had really turned a corner and was breathing well on his own. It was definitely a gratifying result.”

“After such a rough start, it was amazing to see how quickly Chase bounced back,” said Mandy. “The neonatologist said he was doing good enough to stay at Baptist Health Floyd with me rather than being transferred to Kosair, and he even gained an ounce before going home and never had jaundice or any of the more common conditions newborns can have. Now he’s a completely healthy, happy baby boy, and we couldn’t be more grateful.”