Quick Action Stops Heart Attack in Progress for Hardinsburg Man

Gene Lewis

Gene Lewis was enjoying a relaxing dinner at home on September 11 of last year when he began to feel that something wasn’t right. “I started having chest pain,” he said. “When I took my blood pressure, it was soaring. We decided not to let any grass grow. Our daughter took my wife and me straight to Baptist Health Floyd. At registration, I told them I thought I was having a heart attack. You should have seen how fast they went into action!”

Interventional Angioplasty Stopped Gene’s Heart Attack

“The EKG showed that Gene was having a heart attack,” said Cardiologist Srini Manchi, MD, “so we immediately took him to the Cardiac Cath Lab. We found that he had 50 percent blockage in the left main artery, 90 percent blockage in two other arteries, and that a branch of the circumflex artery was 100 percent blocked. That was the source of the heart attack.” As Dr. Manchi further explained, “We did a balloon angioplasty to open up the artery. It stopped the heart attack right there and he was stable after that. We didn’t do a stent because I knew he would need bypass surgery.”

On September 14, David Slater, MD, cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, performed a quadruple bypass on Gene. “I had my surgery on Friday and was dismissed on Wednesday. After that, I went back for cardiac rehab.”

Just a few weeks later, Gene returned to the hospital for bladder surgery that had been postponed because of his heart attack. Fortunately, everything went smoothly.

Dr. Manchi and Gene’s primary care physician, Greg Philpott, MD, are continuing to see him and agree that his progress has been excellent. After his experiences, Gene said, “The doctors, the nurses and the staff at Baptist Health Floyd are out of this world. I can’t say enough good things about them.” Quick Action Stops Heart Attack in Progress for Hardinsburg Man

“To me, Baptist Health Floyd is more of a ‘life center’ than just a hospital.” “My experiences have taught me that old habits, such as diet, smoking and lifestyle, can be changed to improve the quality of our lives. Hopefully, the reality of the situation hits us when we can still do something about our health. I believe prevention should be a more integrated part of our healthcare. Baptist Health Floyd is doing that, particularly in the areas of outpatient services and postoperative care. For my family and I, it’s Baptist Health Floyd.”

Gene Lewis
Heart Attack and Quadruple Bypass Survivor