Outpatient Lab Offers Quick, Convenient Service

The next time you need lab work done, you might be glad to know that in addition to the lab inside the hospital, Baptist Health Floyd also offers top quality lab services at the Professional Arts Outpatient Lab.
Located just across from the hospital in the Professional Arts Building, the lab offers all types of blood collection, urine collection and drug levels as well as EKG’s.

As Laboratory Director Jeff Whitesel, MA, MT, SBB, SH, explained, “This lab is especially designed for outpatient services. It is very convenient. People can park near the door and take the elevator to the lower level. If they’re coming from the hospital, they can use the skywalk from the third floor or just walk across State Street. Patients who are taking a test that requires waiting, like a glucose tolerance test in which blood has to be drawn several times over a few hours, will especially appreciate our comfortable waiting room with cable TV. They also like the fact that we don’t shut down for lunch like most labs. We understand that it’s the most convenient time for many people to
have their testing done.”