Options Are Key to the Proven Success of the HMR Program for Weight Management®

“Anyone can follow a weight loss program for a month. But to sustain it,  you have to like it. The HMR  program offers a whole spectrum of options to meet your preferences and medical needs. With more options, this proven, medically-based program becomes available to more people.”

Sri Prakash Mokshagundam, MD
Board Certified Endocrinologist and Weight Management Specialist
Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at Baptist Health Floyd
Medical Director, Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center

For 25 years, people have been achieving successful weight loss through the HMR (Health Management Resource) Program. Offered through the new Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center, the HMR program helps people lose weight and keep it off, as well as experience significant improvements in their health. According to Endocrinologist Sri Prakash Mokshagundam, MD, “The options available mean more people can benefit from the HMR program. There are at-home and in-clinic options, plus customized meal plans and a variety of meal replacements.”

In-Clinic Programs

There are many reasons an in-clinic program may be the right option. As Dr. Mokshagundam explained, “Certain health issues require medical monitoring. If you’re taking water pills or potassium, or are on
medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, medications may need to be adjusted with the new diet or as you lose weight. Some people also find great value  in the group support and in talking with our counselors regularly.” “Within these programs,” said Dr. Mokshagundam, “we offer several levels of intensity. Some people, for example, feel encouraged when they start off with a very low calorie diet that lets them see quick initial results, so we have a short-term diet and medically supervised program specifically for them.”

At-Home Programs

According to Dr. Mokshagundam, “If a person doesn’t have time to attend weekly classes, or lives too far away, HMR at Home® may be right for them. It is web-based and includes written instructions and an educational CD. Participants can order their products through our website, www.floydweightloss.com, and may either pick up their meal plans and replacements at the Center or have them mailed to their home.”

A Wide Variety of Meal Replacements

Research show that diets which include meal replacements such as HMR shakes, bars, snacks and entrees produce substantially greater weight loss and more successful maintenance. “HMR even makes products for individuals who are lactose intolerant, so they can enjoy the benefits, too” said Dr. Mokshagundam.