New Women’s Center Surrounds Moms, Babies and Families with Exceptional Comfort and Care

Everything about the new Women’s Center at Baptist Health Floyd has been designed to make it the ideal place for a new mom and family to welcome their baby into the world. “The first thing everyone notices,” said Vickie Smith, RN, director of Women’s and Children’s Services, “are the soothing color scheme and home-like decor of the rooms. Soft lighting, plenty of space for family members, and a chair that opens into a bed for the dad or support person are also favorites. But beyond that are state-of-the-art technology and a staff of dedicated experts whose first concern is the health and care of the mother and baby.” Smith described several important features of the new center:

• Remote fetal monitoring allows women to walk and move around for their comfort during labor.
• An advanced security system offers added protection for new babies and alerts staff if the baby is taken past the limits of the unit.
• Two surgical suites right in the unit are staffed and equipped to handle C-sections and emergencies that may arise.
• A new computer system allows the physician to monitor the patient’s condition from any computer screen
in the hospital so they can follow her progress closely.
• The nurses’ station is located so that women in labor are shielded from the noise and activity.
• Many features allow women to tailor the birthing process to their personal preferences. “One example is the soaking tub a woman may choose to help her relax and be more comfortable during the first
and second stages of her labor,” said Smith.
• The strong family-oriented atmosphere includes liberal visitation hours, plenty of room for family members and the option of rooming in for newborns.
• Three lactation consultants are available to provide information and support to help mothers who wish to nurse. “We even keep food in stock on the floor to meet the added nutritional needs of breastfeeding mothers,” said Smith.

Families and Physicians Appreciate Special Care and Attention

Anna Fisher, MD, is a specialist in family medicine and has already delivered quite a few babies in the new center. “There are many things that, as a physician, I really appreciate. The monitors are outstanding
additions that help us keep a close eye on our patients. The expanded nursery is wonderful and the special lighting in the delivery suites is the best I’ve seen. There are even little steps outside the nursery so siblings can climb up and see their new brother or sister.” She added, “I’m very pleased with the new Women’s Center and I know my patients are, too. They always mention the attention and expertise of the nurses and staff.
Nothing can replace the care they provide.”

Want to See More?

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