New Surgical Inpatient Unit for Post-Op Patients

This May of 2008, Baptist Health Floyd and Health Care Services is opening a brand new unit designed, staffed and equipped specifically for the care of postoperative patients. Margaret Krawczyk, RN, director of nursing, offered details about the new unit, which is located on the fourth (4th) floor of the hospital in the new wing above the Baptist Health Floyd Heart and Vascular Center.

All Private Rooms

As Krawczyk explained, “Surgical Inpatient Services is a 32-bed unit with all private rooms. Everybody likes their privacy and we are so pleased to be able to provide it for our patients. Each room has a comfortable recliner so that a family member can stay overnight if they wish. Patients can recuperate in peaceful, quiet surroundings where they can look out their windows and enjoy a beautiful view of the Knobs.” She added that the unit is divided into two areas with the nurses’ station at each end for sixteen patients. “One side is for our general surgery patients,” she said, “and the other for orthopedic, neurological and bariatric patients.”

Unique Design with State-of-the-Art Equipment

“It’s exciting that the staff had input into the design of the facility,” said Krawczyk. “Every room has a work area for the nurses right inside the door. It is separated from the patient area and has workspace and a place to keep supplies handy. In addition, there is a computer in every room for charting all critical aspects of the patient’s condition. All the equipment in the unit is brand new and state-of-the-art.”

The Advantage of Telemetry Beds

According to Krawczyk, “One of the most important benefits of the new unit is that it has eight telemetry beds for patients who need monitoring after their surgery.” Telemetry keeps track of functions such as patients’ heart rhythms, which are transferred to a central video monitor at the nurses’ station where they can be watched around the clock. “Having telemetry beds allows us to keep post-op patients who need monitoring in this specialized surgical unit rather than sending them to our Progressive Care Unit and then moving them back here when they no longer need to be monitored. Now, they can get the monitoring and specialized care they need in the same location, without having to be moved, and continue receiving care from the same team of nurses.”

A Specialized Team to Care for Patients

“We have excellent nurses in Surgical Inpatient Services,” said Krawczyk. “In addition, we work with patients in teams that consist of a surgical nurse, an aide, a charge nurse and a clinical supervisor. We also have the services of physical therapists to help with our orthopedic patients, case managers to help with discharge planning, plus plenty of other support services that patients may need.”