Minutes Saved is Heart Muscle Saved

In 2009, Baptist Health Floyd developed its 60 Minute Team, whose ultimate goal is to find ways to improve the time a patient presents to the Emergency Center with chest pains to the time it takes to open any blocked arteries in the Cardiac Cath Lab. In medical speak, that process is called Door-to-Balloon Time.

Since its inception, the team has reduced Door-to-Balloon Time by 40 percent, with an average of 74 minutes versus the national recommended standard of 90 minutes. The team is multi-disciplinary and includes key staff members from the Emergency Center, Cardiology and the Cardiac Cath Lab. The group also works closely with local EMS, ensuring they have the support they need for the transportation of heart attack patients.

According to board certified Cardiologist Srini Manchi, MD, “When an ambulance is equipped with an EKG, the EMS personnel can transmit the report from the field. Once we know that patient is having a heart attack, the 24/7 team is called in while the patient is being transported so the team is in action before the patient arrives.”

In addition to the EKG installation, the team has developed STEMI boxes with all items and medication needed to treat the patient, provided training to EMS personnel on the 12-lead EKG technology and have regular multi-disciplinary meetings between the Emergency Center and Cardiology to keep all team members informed of new changes and protocols.

Srini Manchi, MD

“We have been following the protocol of taking emergent heart attack patients directly to the Cardiac Cath Lab for more than four years. With initiatives in place like 12-lead EKGs in ambulances and guidelines that require all members of the 24/7 interventional team to live within 30 minutes of the hospital, we are able to shave off minutes from the process that only improve our patient outcomes.”

Srini Manchi, MD
Board Certified Cardiologist
Cardiovascular Associates of Southern Indiana

Know the Signs. Know the Number. Call 9-1-1.

Baptist Health Floyd’s 60 Minutes Team has launched a community awareness campaign urging people to know the signs of a heart attack, and always call 9-1-1 immediately when they suspect themselves or a loved one is suffering one.

For a free Warning Signs of a Heart Attack magnet, call 1-800-4-SOURCE today.

For more information about the Wound Healing Center, call (812) 949-7964.