Make This the Year You Reach Your Healthy Weight

Program Options, Support and Education Are Effective Tools at the Weight Management Center

Kelli Applegate, MD, is a general practitioner who sees many patients struggling with serious weight problems. According to Dr. Applegate, “A BMI (Body Mass Index) of 27 or above significantly increases the risk of obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, back pain and more. People who are overweight tend to become more sedentary, which also has a negative impact on health.”

For her overweight and obese patients, Dr. Applegate recommends cutting out empty calories; avoiding fatty and fried foods; eating lots of fruits and vegetables; choosing fat-free dairy; and exercising regularly. “However, when patients do all this and still can’t lose weight,” she said, “or if they can’t do it because of health issues or compliance problems, I offer them the options of HMR or possibly bariatric surgery if they are good candidates. These programs are available at the Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center.”

HMR™ Weight Loss Program – HMR, or Health Management Resources, is a clinically proven program that is backed by extensive scientific data. It offers options that range from an in-home program to a clinical program with medical monitoring and physician supervision. “I’ve seen very good results and found that patients have a better ability to maintain their weight loss with HMR,” Dr. Applegate said.

Realize™ Gastric Banding Solution – “I am so happy that this gastric surgery, and the support and education that goes along with it, is now offered here,” said Dr. Applegate. “I am thrilled that this program is being offered at Baptist Health Floyd.”

Interested in Learning More About the Realize Banding Procedure?

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To Attend a Free Seminar

The Weight Management Center offers free informative seminars on the HMR program and Realize banding procedure. For more information or to register, call 812-949-7151, or check online at, where you also have the option to view a video of the Realize banding seminar. Do You Know Your BMI? To find out your Body Mass Index, go to