Make a Resolution to Get Healthy This Year

Fitting into a smaller clothing size and improving your self-esteem are obvious benefits of weight loss, but the biggest benefit of all is improved health. Too many diets focus strictly on achieving the most weight loss in the shortest time span possible, but what’s more important than losing pounds quickly is permanently adopting the behaviors to keep them off, and gaining the health benefits that come along with a more balanced lifestyle. That’s why Baptist Health Floyd’s Weight Management Center is dedicated to medically-supervised weight management techniques that are proven to not only help our patients lose weight, but also improve their health.

Set Practical, Timely Weight Loss Goals

The first step to successful weight management is setting practical, measurable goals. According to board certified Endocrinologist and Weight Management Specialist Sri Prakash Mokshagundam, MD, “I tell my patients that losing five to 10 percent of your initial body weight over a six-month period is a practical first goal. When that goal has been reached, you can set a new one. A good way to keep yourself motivated during the initial six months is to set shorter goals, such as losing one to two pounds per week, which will give you successes to grow on,” said Dr. Mokshagundam.

Focus on Changing Behaviors

Ashley Lankford, MD, FACS, a board certified general surgeon and bariatric surgeon who performs gastric banding surgery at Baptist Health Floyd, stressed the importance of behavioral goal setting. “Weight gain or loss, as well as weight management, is essentially rooted in behavior. By simply focusing on adopting positive behaviors and eliminating negative ones, your health will improve, and your weight along with it.” She continued, “Behavioral goals don’t have to be drastic to work. I suggest starting off small, such as always taking the stairs instead of elevators and no longer absentmindedly eating in front of the TV. Once you’ve mastered those healthy behaviors, move on to new ones. It will keep your weight loss moving forward, and increase your likelihood of keeping it off in the long run.”

“I recommend that patients use the Body Mass Index (BMI) scale for setting appropriate weight goals. Choose a target BMI that falls between 19 and 24, and measure your successes in small increments. Even moving down one point on the scale is a huge success and can mean lowering your chance of stroke, diabetes and heart disease, as well as improving your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.”

Ashley Lankford, MD, FACS
Board Certified General Surgeon and Bariatric Surgeon
Medical Director, Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center

“People who lose weight quickly tend to gain it right back. Weight loss in and of itself is not difficult. Anyone can lose five pounds in one week if they really want to. What’s difficult is weight maintenance over the long term, which is where choosing to partner with a team of medical professionals such as those at Baptist Health Floyd’s Weight Management Center, can give you a distinct advantage.”

Sri Prakash Mokshagundam, MD
Board Certified Endocrinologist and Weight Management Specialist
Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center & Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate

Medical and Surgical Weight Loss Options

The Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center offers medical weight loss programs as well as surgical weight loss programs, each of which is designed and supervised by trained medical professionals with your health in mind.

HMR (Health Management Resource) is a physician supervised weight loss program offering medically-based support and guidance for long-term success. The program includes a range of meal replacement products and offers options including a medically supervised plan, a moderate diet option and an at-home program. “HMR has a behavioral component that includes keeping diaries, planning meals and tracking physical activity,” said Dr. Mokshagundam. “In addition, the meal replacement plan takes the guesswork out of the meal planning process and helps to teach healthy portion sizes.”

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  • 42 lbs. average weight loss (16.4 percent of initial weight) over 2.7 years.
  • 51 percent of patients averaged a 64 lbs. weight loss (24.4 percent of initial weight) with BMI dropping 10 points.
  • 984 of 1,000 patients had reductions in risk factors for chronic disease.
The HMR program teaches patients how to make healthy food decisions, as well as how to begin incorporating healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables into their daily diets.

For patients who have not succeeded with conservative weight loss plans and who have a BMI of greater than 40 (or higher than 35 with other serious health conditions), gastric banding may be the answer. Because of its long-term success in improving health, many insurance plans now cover the procedure. The unique REALIZE™ Gastric Banding Solution that Dr. Lankford uses is comprised of two key parts. First, an adjustable band is surgically placed around the stomach, forming two pouches that cause the patient to feel full sooner and stay full longer. Secondly, the program also includes customized support from the Weight Management Center team, including physicians, nurses, dietitians, exercise specialists and health educators,both before and long after the band is placed.

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