Let Baptist Health Floyd’s Weight Management Center Help You Lose Weight and Keep it Off


HMR Program

HMR (Health Management Resource) is a physician-supervised weight-loss program offering medically based support and guidance for long-term success. The program includes a range of meal-replacement products and offers options including a medically supervised plan, a moderate diet option and an at-home program.

“HMR has a behavioral component that includes keeping diaries, planning ahead and dealing with challenges such as getting back on track after going off the program,” Dr. Mokshagundam said. “In addition, the meal replacement plan takes the guesswork out of the meal-planning process.”

HMR meal replacements are healthy, nutritious, low-calorie meals that help people learn appropriate portions and behaviors. Participants have the option of ordering food online for direct shipping to their homes or purchasing products at the Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center on State Street in New Albany.

National studies show that participants in HMR programs lose an average of 18 percent of their body weight and keep it off for two and a half years. That’s far above the “gold standard” for the weight loss industry of 8 percent kept off for one year.

actionNew Year’s Savings from the Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center Attend a free HMR informational seminar in January or February and receive 10 percent off your first month of meal replacements. Seminars are held each week on Mondays and Wednesdays, call 812-949-7151 for times.


Gastric Banding Surgery

For patients who have not succeeded with conservative weight-loss plans and who have a BMI of higher than 40 (or higher than 35 with other serious health conditions), gastric banding may be the answer. Because of its long-term success in improving health, many insurance plans now cover the procedure.

The unique REALIZE™ Gastric Banding Solution that Dr. Lankford uses is comprised of two key parts. An adjustable band is surgically placed around the stomach, forming two pouches that cause the patient to feel full sooner and stay full longer. In addition, the program also includes REALIZE mySUCCESS®, an online, personalized tool for establishing a tailored progress plan and developing new healthy habits.

“A healthy weight loss is one to two pounds a week, even with banding,” Dr. Lankford said. “The goal with any good plan is slow, steady, safe weight loss.”

Attend a free gastric banding informational seminar in January or February and receive $50 off the bariatric assessment fee. Seminars are held one Tuesday evening and one Saturday morning each month.

actionCall 1-800-4-SOURCE for dates and registration. Visit the Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center online at www.baptisthealthfloyd.com/weightloss.