Learning the Triple Imperative®

As Health Educator Lara Keith explained, “Education is a very important element of the HMR program. Most participants attend class each week for a minimum of 13 weeks. Then, after their weight loss is complete, they can participate in maintenance classes for additional information and support.” One of the concepts they learn is the Triple Imperative:

Consistently meet or exceed these minimum goals every week:

  1. Incorporate at least 35 meal replacements during the weight loss phase and 14 during maintenance to cut fat and reduce calories.
  2. Have at least 35 servings of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Get at least 2,000 calories worth of physical activity.

“Knowing does not always equal doing. That’s why the HMR program not only teaches you what to do, but also how to do it. We teach the skills to help you be successful in achieving a healthier lifestyle.”
Lara Keith
Health Educator
HMR Program

In-Clinic Programs

HMR Decision-Free™ Diet

Designed for people who want to lose 40 or more pounds, it includes medical supervision and a high degree of structure and support.

HMR Healthy Solutions® Diet

Created for those who want to achieve significant weight loss and do not need medical supervision, it is structured, while providing a great deal of variety.

HMR at Home

HMR Healthy Solutions Quick-Start™Diet Kit

This is a comprehensive program that includes low-calorie weight loss shakes and meals. Participants add fruits and vegetables. Kits can be ordered through www.floydweightloss.com and sent directly to the participant’s home.