Kleinert Kutz Surgery Center in Affiliation with Baptist Health Floyd Brings World-Class Care to Southern Indiana

Many Southern Indiana residents may not realize that the world’s foremost experts in hand and arm care are performing some of the most complicated, revolutionary surgical procedures right in their backyard. The Kleinert Kutz Surgery Center in Affiliation with Baptist Health Floyd, located in New Albany at the interchange of I-265 and Grant Line Road, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

T. Wolff
“The Kleinert Kutz Surgery Center in Affiliation with Baptist Health Floyd recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and I’m so proud to say that it’s been a huge success. We’ve performed over 20,000 surgeries and have had over 150,000 patient visits to-date. The Southern Indiana community has really embraced us, and we’re thrilled to be bringing world-class hand and arm care to this area.”

Tom Wolff, MD

Orthopedic Hand & Microsurgeon
Medical Director, Kleinert Kutz Surgery Center in Affiliation with Baptist Health Floyd
R. Moreno
“One of the biggest things that people don’t realize about the Surgery Center is that we accept pediatric patients. Whether the problem be congenital or trauma-related, we are extensively trained in pediatric hand and arm care, and with the wide range of specialists in our group, can handle any situation for all ages, from birth to 100.”

Rodrigo Moreno, MD

Orthopedic Hand & Microsurgeon
Kleinert Kutz Surgery Center in Affiliation with Baptist Health Floyd

As Tom Wolff, MD, orthopedic hand and microsurgeon, as well as the center’s medical director, explained, the practice has evolved many times since its inception 10 years ago. “Initially, the center was just a doctors’ office where we provided routine services to patients in this area. We had noticed that Southern Indiana patients were only coming to us for major problems, many of which could have been prevented had we seen the patients earlier in their treatment. With the hands, simple problems can become very serious when they’re not treated properly from the initial onset of symptoms. We saw a major need for comprehensive hand and arm care in this community, and wanted to fill it.”

Immediate Surgical Options Produce a Better Result

Dr. Wolff continued, “It didn’t take long to realize that emergency surgical services were needed at the center. About half of the cases we treat are trauma-related, many of which require emergency surgery. We knew that immediately performing surgery on-site would produce far better results than having to transfer patients to a hospital and wait to book a surgical suite for them, so we decided to develop an outpatient surgery center on the premises. With over 20,000 surgeries under our belt so far, we’re confident it was the right thing to do for our patients. ”

Bringing Knowledge from Around the Globe to Local Communities

Doctor and Patient

Rodrigo Moreno, MD, orthopedic hand and microsurgeon, described one of Kleinert Kutz’s little known attributes. “The Christine M. Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery offers one-year and senior fellowships for general, orthopedic and plastic surgeons who wish to gain greater expertise in hand and upper-extremity surgery. As the world’s largest hand fellowship program, over 1,300 hand surgeons from all 50 states and 58 countries have been trained in advanced mircrosurgical techniques at our institute, bringing ideas and knowledge from all over the world to this local community. It’s an invaluable resource to patients in this area. There is no doubt that when you come to Kleinert Kutz, you are truly getting world class care.”

A Multitude of Services in One Location

Dr. Moreno continued, “Patients at our New Albany center can be treated for conditions ranging from a simple hang nail to a partial amputation. We perform about 90 percent of our surgeries at the center, so there’s very little that can’t be done there.”

Conditions treated at the center include, but are not limited to:

  • Traumas such as broken bones, cuts or partial amputations
  • Tissue transfer such as the transfer of a toe to a thumb
  • Elbow and wrist joint replacement
  • Wrist arthroscopy
  • Flexor tendon repair of “trigger finger”
  • Congenital defect repair
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Arthritis
  • Cyst removal
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Infections and hang nails
  • And much more

Hand and Extremity Safety Tips

Learn More Online
For more information about the Kleinert Kutz Surgery Center, or for useful tips on health and safety, visit www.kleinertkutz.com or facebook under Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center.

Immediate Hand Care When You Need it Most

Kleinert Kutz Office

Kleinert Kutz Immediate Hand Care Center is located in the Kleinert Kutz Surgery Center building and offers emergency treatment of the hand, arm and wrist Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm. As the area’s first immediate care center dedicated to injuries of the hand, wrist and arm, the center allows patients to be seen without an appointment and to avoid longer waits at other facilities.

The center offers the following services:

Kleinert Kutz Map

  • Walk-in clinic for same day assessment of immediate hand, arm and wrist injuries
  • X-ray & MRI imaging utilizing the only extremity MRI system in the region
  • Minor treatment room
  • Splinting and casting
  • Surgery center

For more information, call (812) 944-4263.