Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate Celebrates 15 Years of Top-Notch Endocrinology Expertise & Patient Education

For diabetes patients, successfully controlling their condition depends as much on their level of knowledge and dedication as it does on their blood sugar levels. That’s why Baptist Health Floyd’s Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate, which uniquely combines medical care and patient education programs all under one roof, is celebrating 15 years of excellence.

The Center is Kentuckiana’s only diabetes program affiliated with the world-renowned Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston. Joslin, a pioneer and global leader in diabetes research, care and education, has been dedicated to conquering the disease for over a century.

Vasti Broadstone
“A lot of people aren’t aware of what the Joslin Center is or what makes us different than other diabetes care facilities. The cornerstone of the Joslin philosophy of diabetes management is tight blood glucose control through patient involvement, education and empowerment. We are guided by nearly a century of research that proves patients with diabetes can live longer, healthier lives if they are committed to the daily management of their condition. And we’re here to help them do just that.”

Vasti Broadstone, MD

Board Certified Endocrinologist
Medical Director
Baptist Health Floyd Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate
Sri Pakash Mokshagundam
“What makes us unique is the level of collaboration between providers to ensure the success of our patients. Our team of endocrinologists, certified diabetes educators, nurses, dietitians and exercise specialists interact daily to collaborate on the treatment of each and every Joslin Center patient so that we know we are giving them the best chance of success in managing their condition. It’s an enormous patient benefit that isn’t available anywhere else.”

Sri Prakash Mokshagundam, MD

Board Certified Endocrinologist
Baptist Health Floyd Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate
Associate Professor of Medicine
Department of Endocrinology U of L School of Medicine
Chief of Endrocrinology
Louisville VA Medical Center
Vasdev Lohano
“Diabetes care is our calling card, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that we also offer complete endocrine services as well. We offer care for the full range of thyroid disorders, including ultrasound-guided biopsies to diagnose and treat thyroid cancer, as well as care for metabolism disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome and osteoporosis, just to name a few.”

Vasdev Lohano, MD, FACE

Board Certified Endocrinologist
Baptist Health Floyd Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate
Baptist Health Floyd Medical Group-Endocrinology
William Croft
“I’ve been referring patients to Joslin since they opened their doors 15 years ago. They are world-renowned experts in diabetes care, and we’re incredibly fortunate to have the only center in the region so close at hand. I like to think of it as “one-stop shopping” for my patients with diabetes. They can get their blood sugar monitoring, endocrinology expertise, education, technology training, dietary and exercise counseling all under one roof. Which ultimately results in better managed diabetes.”

William Croft, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
Family Physicians of Southern Indiana

“This is hands-down the most comprehensive diabetes program available in the area,” said Vasdev Lohano MD, FACE, a board certified Endocrinologist at the Center. “We have a full complement of endocrinology expertise, diabetes education, diet and exercise counseling and weight management, not to mention a full service wound healing center and nationally recognized heart and vascular center, right at our fingertips.”

Education Sets Joslin Apart

Patient education is a central component of diabetes care at the Joslin Center. As Vasti Broadstone, MD, board certified Endocrinologist and Joslin Center Medical Director, explained, “Teaching patients how to take control of their diabetes is the first step toward feeling empowered rather than victimized by it. The goal of all Joslin providers is to help patients live a healthy and happy life while managing a chronic disease. We do this by putting them front and center in their own care.”

The six American Diabetes Association (ADA)-certified diabetes educators at the Center– including three nurses, two registered dietitians and one registered dietitian/clinical exercise specialist—offer group and one-on- one education opportunities, as well as daily blood sugar monitoring and telephone access.

“Patient education is intrinsically tied to what we do,” said Sri Prakash Mokshagundam, MD, board certified Joslin Center Endocrinologist. “I can tell patients how to control their diabetes, but the learning process of how to do it themselves takes much more than a single office visit, which is where our education team comes in. Diabetes requires you to be a pharmacist, nurse, doctor and psychologist. If you don’t have the right training, you will be overwhelmed, burn out and give up, so we do everything in our power to make sure our patients are equipped with the right tools for the job.”

Education opportunities are offered at a variety of convenient times and locations, including mornings, afternoons, evenings, full days, Saturdays and even at off-site locations in Salem and Corydon. Many are covered by insurance or are free/low-cost. They include:

  • Balance and Control-a program designed for individuals looking to get their diabetes under control, new to diabetes or new to insulin.
  • Diabetes Refresher-for patients who have been through the Balance and Control course and are ready to set new goals to help them stay in control of their condition.
  • Pre-Diabetes Class-for pre-diabetes patients or those who are overweight and age 45 or older. Helps determine what changes are needed to avoid developing type 2 diabetes, and to set goals for living healthier.
  • A1c Over 9 Class-designed to help patients with dangerously high blood sugar averages gain better control of their condition.
  • Gestational Diabetes Education-offered on an individual or group basis to help expectant mothers with gestational diabetes manage their condition during pregnancy.
  • Diabetes Management Technology Education-offered for patients interested in using insulin pumps and/or continuous glucose monitoring systems.
  • Balancing Life with Diabetes Support Group-a monthly support group led by diabetes educators, offering discussion on diabetes-related topics.
  • Making Strides Walking Club-starting in January, 2012, certified diabetes educators will lead a twice-monthly walking group at Green Tree Mall in Clarksville on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 10 am.
  • One-on-one Exercise Counseling
  • Guided Grocery Shopping Tours-tours of local grocery stores led by a registered dietitian/certified diabetes educator with the goal of helping patients understand how to make diabetes-friendly food purchases.
  • Various other free events and screenings

For more information call (812) 949-5700 or visit

A Commitment to Research

The Baptist Health Floyd Joslin Diabetes Research Program was established in 2001 and to-date has conducted 25 clinical trials ranging in length from six months to five years, with three additional trials currently enrolling.

Research coordinator Deb Walker, RN, CCRP, explained the program’s purpose. “We have actively collaborated with researchers at the University of Louisville exploring mechanisms of diabetes-related complications and behaviors that impact diabetes self-care. The focus of our trials includes comparing the safety and efficacy of investigational drugs as well as comparing different doses and combinations of investigational and FDA-approved drugs. We have also conducted several trials examining different types of treatment for diabetes complications such as peripheral neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy and erectile dysfunction, as well as monitoring cardiac safety in diabetic patients.” She continued, “The value of having access to clinical trials so close to home is enormous. The patients receive intensive management of their diabetes and ongoing education. Many patients appreciate the “extra bonus” of free lab work, medication and supplies. Other patients state they feel they are helping future generations by participating in research studies. Clinical trial patients also tend to manage their condition better because the structure of the trial and regular follow-up forces them to be more accountable for their health.”

The program is currently enrolling patients in three clinical trials. For more information, call, (812) 981-6684.

Control Your Weight Before it’s Too Late

Did you know that you might be able to delay or prevent the onset of diabetes with certain lifestyle changes? And if you already have diabetes, these same lifestyle changes can help you control the condition and decrease your risk for complications. If you’d like extra support to lose weight while learning healthier lifestyle strategies to reduce your diabetes risk, call the weight-loss experts at the Baptist Health Floyd HMR Program for Weight Management™ at (812) 949-7151.