Joslin Center Patient Earns 50-Year Medalist Recognition

The Joslin Diabetes Center’s 50-Year Medal Program recognizes individuals who have lived with insulin-dependent diabetes for 50 or more years while remaining free of its all-too-common serious complications. Patti Van Cleave is one such person.

An avid master gardener and retired attorney who resides in Louisville, Patti has been a steadfast patient of Dr. Broadstone for 23 years. And while she credits much of her success to the dedication to self-control and empowerment that her parents and early caregivers instilled in her, she knows that her attitude and perspective toward her condition would not be what it is today without Dr. Broadstone and her Joslin Center caregivers.

“Diabetes is a frustrating disease. I’ve learned that if you want to succeed with it, your attitude and actions are everything. Dr. Broadstone is the cheerleader who has helped me maintain a positive attitude so that I can continue to persevere. For example, recently I went in for a foot problem. After she listened to me gripe about the pain I was in, she got a huge grin on her face and exclaimed, “That’s great, you still have feeling in your feet!” She really knows how to give you some perspective.”

Patti Van Cleave, 60, Louisville
Retired Attorney & Master Gardener
Joslin Diabetes 50-Year Medalist

“I’ve referred many friends to the Joslin Center for care over the years, and when I do, I always tell them about one of my very first visits with Dr. Broadstone, which sums up everything I appreciate about the care I’ve received with her. I was experiencing leg pain that I thought might be neuropathy, a common complication of diabetes. Rather than just writing a prescription and sending me on my way, she measured the length of my legs and found that one was shorter than the other due to an abnormal muscle contraction. She then asked if I minded her praying over my legs to help me relax the muscle that was contracted, and after several minutes, the muscle released and the pain disappeared. She treats you as entire person-body, mind and spirit, which gives you the strength to persevere in the face of such a challenging disease.”