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All weight loss programs are definitely not created equal. “Health Management Resources (HMR) and the Realize Gastric Banding surgery are proven, research-based programs constantly publishing new studies,” said Weight Management Center Program Coordinator Nancy Anderson. “We chose these options for Baptist Health Floyd because they offer everything you could want in a weight management program – a variety of food plans, education, medical supervision,motivation, accountability and lots of support. I see our patients when they first come in for information. It’s really exciting to watch them as they begin losing weight. Along with becoming much happier and feeling so much better about themselves, they greatly improve their health.” Anderson added, “It’s hard for some folks to ask for help, but we have a really great team of highly qualified, caring professionals. Our staff is extremely helpful and very understanding. That makes the process of losing weight much easier.”

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For Tom, Losing Weight was Never a Success, Until Now

After many disappointing years of losing weight and inevitably gaining it back, Tom Strohbeck, a 53-year-old contractor from Floyds Knobs, decided to try one more program. Tom joined HMR at Baptist Health Floyd in February, 2008 and lost 118 pounds within a year,then happily began the maintenance portion of the program. “The best thing about this program,” Strohbeck explained, “is they really stress the importance of exercise. With HMR I’ve finally gotten into the routine of exercising six times a week. And going to meetings gives you accountability for all aspects of the program.”strohbeck

“There are three main reasons HMR has been so successful for me,” said Strohbeck, “One is the emphasis on exercise. Two is having a support person available to answer questions, help plan meals and discuss challenges and problems on a personal basis. And three, you just never have to be hungry!”

“HMR made a huge difference in my life,” he said, “particularly regarding my health. My blood pressure was very high. Now I’m about to go completely off medication. Before my weight loss, watching TV was about all I did. Now I can really participate in my kids’ lives and enjoy myself.”

The Realize Gastric Band Helped Rick Change His Outlook on Life

Until recently, Rick Bobbitt’s health was admittedly on a downhill slope. “I weighed about 250 lbs., my cholesterol was over 300, I had severe sleep apnea and my blood sugar kept rising. Then I had a heart attack. I was really depressed and wondered why I should lose weight since I figured I wouldn’t live another year anyway.” As Bobbitt, a 59-year-old telephone man from Lanesville, explained, “I’ve probably lost hundreds of pounds over the years, but they’d always creep back.” Finally, just before Thanksgiving of 2008, Bobbitt’s family physician, Dr. Jonathan Grief, recommended the Realize Personalized Banding Solution, a minimally invasive gastric banding procedure, accompanied by a comprehensive support program.

“I was shocked at how fast it all went.” Bobbitt said. “The first step was to work with a dietitian to lose 10 to 15 pounds before the procedure to improve my liver function. But I actually lost 20! It was very positive from the start. On December 15, 2008 I had the procedure, and less than two hours later I felt good enough to go home. I walked laps in the corridors until it was time.”

“This Realize plan is the most wonderful thing,” said Bobbitt. “You can’t believe the difference in your mind set. I used to go to buffets and just graze and graze. Now I have to remind myself to eat. I’ve lost over 80 pounds and I feel fantastic!”

Sharon Broughton was Thrilled to Lose Weight with the HMR Program, but Re-gaining Her Health was Even Better

“Before starting HMR I never ate vegetables. I figured if cows ate them then I got them. If I’d been a dinosaur, I would have been a T-Rex,” laughed Sharon Broughton, a 55-year-old Census Bureau employee from Marengo. “But after 30 years with a weight problem I knew I had to do something. Controlling my sky-rocketing blood pressure was a constant struggle, even with two medications. I had high cholesterol and arthritis. I was falling apart.”

For years, Broughton researched weight loss programs. “I was looking for one with lots of support and the guidance I’d need to be successful long-term. After one HMR information session at Baptist Health Floyd, I knew I’d found it. “The food plan is working well for me,” Broughton said. “And since HMR stresses exercise, I’m at the YMCA four days a week. I even drag my mom with me and she’s lost 40 pounds. In six months I lost 63 pounds and dropped from a size 22 to a size 12. I’ve maintained the loss for six months. But what I have gained is even better – my health!”

Dave Found a Weight Loss Solution He Can Maintain Through HMR

Dave Grimes, a 52-year-old software developer from Corydon, hadn’t succeeded with diets he tried on his own. “So I was determined to find a program that offered two essential things,” he said. “I wanted someone to coach me, and someone to tell me what to eat. Then Baptist Health Floyd’s HealthScope, with an article describing HMR, appeared in my mailbox. I rushed right into the program, because I had a firm belief it would work.”

“There are three meal plan options and I chose Decision Free, which was healthy and seemed easy to stick to for a long period. You normally stay on it for 13 weeks, then move on to one with more varied food choices,” said Grimes. “But I really didn’t have any problem continuing the same plan for five months. I lost 80 pounds and have maintained it with exercise and following HMR’s Healthy Solutions plan along with my wife, Debbie. I feel good all the time now. I knew from day one that HMR was going to work. And it did!”

The HMR Program Helped Debbie Lose Over 100 Pounds

“I’ve had weight issues all my life,” said Debbie Grimes, 51. “Whatever I lost dieting,I always gained right back. Overeating wasn’t so much the problem as what I ate.Things I thought were healthy were some of the worst for losing weight.”

Grimes and her husband, Dave, were searching for just the right weight loss program. When they learned about HMR,they joined together. “For the first time,” she said, “I really learned how to eat nutritiously and prepare tasty foods without butter or gravy or sauces. We both exercise regularly now and are completely content with our food regimen. And if a weak moment comes along, we have each other for support.”

Debbie has lost over 100 pounds and is maintaining the loss. Asked what the best thing is about losing the weight, Grimes replied, “There are lots of things,like smaller clothes, not taking up the seat beside me on a plane and actually liking the way I look. I look younger and have more energy than I did 20 years ago. I’m a whole lot healthier, too. HMR really is a life-changing program!”

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