He Fought Through Cancer and Heart Disease, But Diabetes Was His Biggest Challenge

Mike Naville is a fighter. He had already overcome cancer and heart disease. But, he found his onset of diabetes more difficult to deal with than anything he’d ever faced. As he explained, “I really had trouble handling my diabetes. People can lose their limbs or their eyesight. It’s something you need to take seriously, but many people don’t because they haven’t been educated.”

Mike’s eye-opening moment came one day at church when he had difficulty going up just three steps. “I knew then I had to do something. I have a wife and four daughters, and clients who count on me. I decided to get serious about the program at Joslin and the HMR Weight Management Center. I started cooking really delicious meals that followed the plan, and started exercising after work.”

“The expression ‘knowledge is power’ couldn’t be more true than when it comes to diabetes,” said Joslin Diabetes Center Educator Amy Brown, RD, CES, CDE. “Mr. Naville is a perfect example of that. Once he put his mind to learning everything he could – then putting that knowledge into practice – there was no stopping him. He’s lost over 40 pounds and a couple of pants sizes.  And he’s doing very well in ballroom dancing – competitive ballroom dancing!” “They’re calling me ‘The Extreme Patient’ now,” said Mike. “I think I like that.”