Focus on Physicians – Infectious Disease Specialists

Infectious disease (ID) specialists are medical detectives who evaluate and solve difficult patient cases; looking for clues and searching for the microscopic culprit in each situation.

Most common infections are able to be treated by your personal physician, however ID specialists are often called in when infections are difficult to diagnose, are accompanied by severe symptoms or don’t respond well to treatment. The role of the ID specialist is often to review the patient’s medical data, including radiological studies, laboratory reports, physician exams and patient detail accounts, to help reach a conclusion about the condition. The ID specialist works with the patients’ other treating physicians to determine which diagnostic tests are needed and establish the best plan for treatment and prevention of recurrence. Infectious disease specialists must complete four years of medical school, three years of training as a doctor of internal medicine, and two to three years of specialized training in infectious diseases.

Baptist Health Floyd’s Network of Infectious Disease Specialists:

Manali Patel, MD

Inpatient consults only

Martin Raff, MD

Marty Allen, MD

Forest Arnold, DO

Anna Huang, MD

Raul Nakamatsu, MD

Julio Ramirez, MD

University Medical Associates –
Infectious Diseases
550 S. Jackson Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Khaled Jouja, MD

Midwest Infectious Diseases
3147 Chickering Woods Drive
Louisville, KY 40241

Tariq Mehmood, MD

Associates in Infectious Diseases
716 West Broadway
Louisville, KY 40202

Jawed Nasim, MD

Commonwealth Infectious Disease
3910 South Dupont Square, Suite A
Louisville, KY 40207