Diabetes Education Gives Patients a Clear Advantage in Managing Their Illness

“Here in Southern Indiana, we’re battling an extremely high incidence of diabetes and the accompanying complications,” said Vasti Broadstone, MD, endocrinologist and medical director of the Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at Baptist Health Floyd. “Type 2 diabetes is not only increasing, but also presenting in younger and younger patients. There’s an obesity epidemic,” she said emphatically, “with a parallel in diabetes and sedentary lifestyles. Diabetes is a chronic disease, but it is treatable. Education gives patients a big advantage in managing their diabetes and protecting their overall health.”

Classes at the Joslin Center cover what diabetes is, insulin and other medications, nutritional plans, exercise, avoiding complications and more. As Dr. Broadstone explained, “Patients need to understand their diabetes backwards and forwards until management becomes second nature. You have to work at it until you achieve your goals. Then I can give you your stars,” she said with a smile. “No one ever gets too old for stars.”

“Becoming educated about diabetes isn’t like memorizing a list of vocabulary words or learning a piece on the piano by practicing the notes. It’s about learning what to do to take care of yourself by understanding why you need to do those things. It’s a big help to learn how your body works – the cause and effect of things.”

Vasti Broadstone, MD
Board Certified Endocrinologist
Medical Director – Joslin Diabetes Center
Affiliate at Baptist Health Floyd

To Attend Diabetes Education Classes

Diabetes education at the Joslin Center is open to everyone with diabetes, regardless of where they are receiving care. Most insurance plans cover the cost when patients are referred by a physician. For more information, please call 812-949-5700.