Completely Renovated Women’s Unit Welcomes Moms and Babies in an Atmosphere of Special Comfort and Care

Baptist Health Floyd is proud to announce the opening of our totally renovated Women’s Center. The Center offers outstanding care for moms, babies and their families throughout the birthing process in a beautiful environment with the most advanced features and technology.

  • The unit now has seven spacious labor and delivery rooms. The environment is designed to be comfortable and calming, with soft lighting and plenty of room for the family members that moms-to-be wish to have present.
  • Several special features allow women to tailor the birthing process to their preferences. “For example,” said Heather Lewis, MD, OB/GYN, “one room has a water tub for labor. Some women find it offers pain relief during natural childbirth. The rooms also have mirrors to help you know when to push, and a labor ball that helps in positioning during labor.”
  • The nurses’ station has been located so that women in labor are shielded from noise and activity. Nurses with specialized training in labor, delivery and newborn care are in the unit 24 hours a day. • Remote fetal monitoring allows women to walk and move around for their comfort during labor. • The unit has been expanded to include two surgical suites with state-of-the-art technology for C-sections and emergencies that may arise.
  • The hospital’s computer system has a special portal that allows physicians to monitor their patient’s condition from any computer screen so they can follow their progress closely.
  • A security system in the totally renovated nursery offers added protection for new babies. Only the mother and one other person of her choice may get the baby from the nursery. Each infant wears a tiny bracelet and nurses are alerted if the baby is taken past a certain spot on the unit.
  • The unit is very supportive of families, with liberal visitation hours. Rooming in for newborns is an option. Doulas are welcome to be part of the birthing process, and lactation consultants are available to help new moms get off to a good start with breastfeeding.

Women's Center

Anna Fisher, MD, specialist in family practice, cares for women in labor, delivers babies and cares for them after they are born. “The new labor and delivery unit is wonderful for patients,” she said, “with its spacious rooms, beautiful surroundings, advanced technology and family-oriented atmosphere. But what really makes the patient’s experience outstanding is the excellence of the nurses and staff. Their high level of care has been a constant, and I can say that with the perspective of someone who has been delivering babies at Baptist Health Floyd for almost 18 years. This is a wonderful place to bring a child into the world.”

Make a note: For a handy magnetic notepad, compliments of the new Women’s Center, just give us a call at 1-800-4-SOURCE (1-800-476-8723).