Acupuncture Stops Trooper’s Persistent Hip Pain

It was by coincidence that Dallas Meyer first became interested in acupuncture as a treatment for his hip pain. “Not long ago, I had back surgery,” he explained. “But even after the procedure, I still had pain in my right hip. One afternoon I was in Dr. Chowhan’s office for a blood clotting problem that I had been having, and happened to see an article on the wall about acupuncture. As I read it, I began to wonder if it might work on my hip pain. So I did some research and decided to make an appointment for a treatment session.”

“You don’t have to be a patient at the Cancer Center to receive acupuncture here. The service is available to anyone and can be very effective in relieving a variety of conditions ranging from pain to high blood pressure to fibromyalgia.”

Naveed Chowhan, MD, FACP, CPI
Board Certified Medical Oncologist/Hematologist
Medical Director, Baptist Health Floyd
Cancer Center of Indiana

“I would recommend acupuncture to anyone. I have nothing but praise for the treatment and for Dr. Chowhan. He is very professional, caring and conscientious. I didn’t feel a thing but relief.”

Dallas Meyer
Former Marine,
Retired State Trooper

Naveed Chowhan, MD, a board certified medical oncologist/ hematologist at the Baptist Health Floyd Cancer Center of Indiana, is also a certified practitioner of medical acupuncture. He earned his certification with 300 hours of study through the Academy of Pain Research in San Francisco. “Dallas was having nerve-related hip pain caused by his back and was a good candidate for acupuncture,” said Dr. Chowhan.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of sterile needles just three times the thickness of a human hair at specific points on the body to affect physiological functions and energy channels. “When I went in for my treatment,” said Dallas, “I admit I was a little nervous. I’m an ex-Marine and a retired state trooper, but I’ve never been a fan of needles. It turns out they are tiny, like a hair with a handle. And Dr. Chowhan only used six, one in each ear, one in each hand and two in my hip. He attached electrodes to some of them, and I laid there for about 20 minutes. I felt considerably better almost immediately. I was amazed at how instantaneous my relief was.”

“He had an excellent response,” said Dr. Chowhan. “If acupuncture is going to be effective for a patient, it usually shows good results in the first couple of treatments. In fact, Dallas only needed two.”

Ancient Treatment Benefits Many Modern Conditions

“Acupuncture has been used for more than 3,000 years,” said Dr. Chowhan, “It’s clearly not a fad. In fact, it is now included in the curriculum of a number of medical schools. My interest in acupuncture started with pain control, but I have since learned that there is much more to it.”

One of the main reasons Americans seek acupuncture is to relieve chronic pain from arthritis and lower back disorders. But according to a National Institutes of Health panel, studies have shown that acupuncture is an effective treatment for nausea caused by anesthesia, chemotherapy and pregnancy, and for dental pain experienced after surgery. The panel also found it useful in treating patients with fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome, and those recovering from stroke.

Acupuncture can produce dramatic results in people with headaches, flu-like symptoms or muscle spasms. “It can also be effective for conditions such as hypertension by relaxing the arteries,” said Dr. Chowhan. “I have seen some amazing results among my patients.”

Acupuncture needles are approximately three times the thickness of a human hair, and can be placed on various points including ears, hands and feet to encourage the flow of energy throughout the body.

For an appointment…

Acupuncture is covered by many insurance plans. For more information or to make an appointment, call the Baptist Health Floyd Cancer Center of Indiana at (812) 945-4000. The service is available from Dr. Chowhan and from Lucio Di Nunno, MD, a board certified medical oncologist/hematologist at the center.

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