99 Pounds and Counting…

Jeff Smith - Before & After
“I have so much more energy and confidence. I wish I’d started the program sooner.”

Jeff Smith, a Georgetown resident and production worker at the Pillsbury plant in New Albany, is a typical 40-something year old man who ate whatever he wanted, enjoyed relaxing in front of the TV and slowly started packing on the pounds. Growing up, he was never really thin and his weight always fluctuated.

Jeff explains, “I’ve always been a little heavy, but when I started having trouble breathing while walking and climbing stairs I knew I needed to think about losing weight. Jeff adds, “I noticed my size 2XL shirt was too snug, and that was what really made me decide to do something about it.”

Jeff discovered the Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center while visiting his wife Deanna’s doctor and decided to give it a try. After discussing his goals and health requirements with the health educator at the center, Jeff started on the Health Management Resources (HMR) Healthy Solutions® Weight Loss program, which involved eating HMR® pre-packaged meals, protein bars and shakes, along with as many fruits and vegetables as he liked. Jeff explains, “The food was really good and I never felt hungry. I actually had to force myself to eat more fruits and vegetables as part of the plan. I lost seven pounds in the first week, and it just kept coming off after that. I was amazed.”

Mike Bittenbender, MD“It usually takes symptoms like shortness of breath while doing simple things or trouble sleeping for people to decide to address their weight issues. Patients come up with lots of excuses, but the bottom line is no one has to be big. Just because you think you or your family have always been big doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it and work to change yourself and become a healthier person.” — Mike Bittenbender, MD Board Certified Family Medicine | Physician Baptist Health Floyd Medical Group – New Albany

Weight Management Center Health Educator Lara Keith explains, “One advantage that sets the HMR program apart is the amount of support that each patient receives through weekly classes and follow-ups. That’s why we have such a high success rate.”

Jeff agrees, “The weekly classes really helped keep me on track, and it wasn’t hard to justify the cost of the program when I added up how much I was spending on meals and vending machine snacks. It actually came out to be the same amount of money. The HMR® program was just perfect for me. I’ve referred about 20 people and I would tell anyone looking to lose weight and feel better to try it.”

Jeff has lost a total of 99 pounds on the HMR program. He went from a size 42 pant to a size 32-34 and he’s been able to keep off the weight for over a year. “Some people don’t even recognize me. My mom actually did a double take when she first saw me after I started the program,” said Jeff.

Board certified family medicine physician, Mike Bittenbender, MD, notes, “It’s good to see patients like Jeff do something about their weight before serious medical issues develop. Because of his weight loss and lifestyle changes, Jeff has lowered his risk for developing diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and high blood pressure that can lead to kidney, liver or heart failure and stroke.”

Jeff added, “I feel so much better now. I’m in a better mood, and I feel like getting out and doing things. I’ve started jogging and biking. It’s amazing how much time I used to waste just sitting around.” His wife Deanna agrees, “He’s a happier, more confident person and we are doing more together now. He has so much more energy and he looks great! I’m so proud of him.”

Lara Keith“It’s been wonderful to watch Jeff’s transformation into a happier, healthier person. We see this with most of our HMR dieters and they are able to keep the weight off because of the support that the HMR program provides. Many of our patients have been able to stop taking medications altogether and save hundreds of dollars each year.” — Lara Keith, Health Educator | Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center
Decision-Free® – a medically supervised program, recommended for patients with a significant amount of weight to lose, or weight-related health issues such as diabetes or heart disease.

Healthy Solutions® – designed by health professionals to maximize quick, healthful weight loss without the need for medical supervision for most people.

HMR at Home®– a home-based plan that makes losing weight easy and convenient with personalized support and extra savings.

Free HMR orientations are offered twice weekly at the Baptist Health Floyd Weight Management Center, located at 2019 State Street in New Albany. For more information or to register, call (812) 949-7151.