Medical Records

To obtain a copy of your medical record

To obtain a copy of your medical record, you must contact the Health Information Management (Medical Records) department at Baptist Health Floyd at  (812) 949-5993.  According to HIPAA rules and regulations, you are entitled to a copy of your medical record.  However, there are specific laws we must follow to release this information.  These laws are designed to protect your confidential health information.

Requirements for a copy of Medical Records

Your signature is required on a release of information authorization form.
A copy of your photo identification is needed.
Appropriate paperwork must be provided for release of a family member’s record.
We are allowed to charge for a copy of the medical record; certain variables apply.
We are not permitted to fax copies of medical records.

To request and pick up records

You may call (812) 949-5993 to request a copy or ask questions.
For a copy of your X-ray film, please contact the Radiology department at (812) 948-7409.
Please allow three to five business days to process a request.
Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 7 am – 6 pm.

You must pick up copies of records in the Health Information Management department located on the Green Valley Road end of the hospital on the first floor in corridor “A” off the Main Street Corridor.

To obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate

You must contact the Floyd County Health Department at (812) 948-4726, Vital Records department.

The Health Department is located in the parking lot behind the Hospital; at the entrance just off of Bono Road.

Patient Portal – Access your medical record online

Baptist Health Floyd’s Patient Portal gives you convenient, online access to portions of your electronic medical record at any time. All of the information is stored securely, password-protected and delivered via an encrypted connection.

Upon admission, the registrar will ask if you want access to our patient portal. If you want access, you will need to provide the registrar with your personal email address. If you did not provide your email at the time of registration and decide later you would like access, simply click the patient portal link located at and follow set-up instructions. You will need to select Baptist Health Floyd as your facility.

Upon discharge you will receive an email link if you provided your email during registration.

Check your email and use the link to launch the online Patient Portal.

You will be prompted to enter your date of birth to confirm your identity.

You will be prompted to verify your demographic information.

Create a User ID (using email address is recommended) and password.

Create three security questions to verify your identity in case of password loss.

Check the box to agree to the Terms of Use.

You are now set to use your secure patient portal.

Should you have difficulty registering for this service, please call RelayHealth Customer Support at
(866) RELAY-ME (866-735-2963).

Once logged into your secure portal, you will see your medications, immunizations, allergies, medical history, plan of care, vital signs, radiology results and hospital discharge instructions. In the future, lab results will be available.

Please note that the results will be sent to the patient portal on two occasions; once upon discharge and once upon billing. If there is a change in the results after billing, they will not be available in the patient portal.

You will need to follow up with your physician for any questions regarding your results.

Please note:  if you add any information to your personal health record, Baptist Health Floyd cannot access those changes. All questions regarding the test results should be directed to your primary care or ordering physician.

The information in the Patient Portal is provided for you to use in discussions with your health care provider. The content is for educational use only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with individual medical questions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard, avoid or delay in obtaining medical advice from your doctor or other qualified health care provider because of something you have read in this report.

To receive a copy of your medical record or to have your medical record forwarded to a party other than yourself, an Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information is required. Upon receipt of a signed Authorization form Baptist Health Floyd will process your request. Authorizations are available in the Health Information Management department.