There are many different ways to donate to the Floyd Memorial Foundation.  The Named Giving Program offers members of our community the opportunity to honor their family name, a special person, or the memory of a departed loved one by designating a particular area of the hospital to benefit from their financial gift.  We also recognize our donors in a very visible way within the hospital through our beautiful recognition wall located just off the main lobby.

  • Designated Gifts Program – This program allows donors to designate their donation to benefit a program or service of their choice. Gifts may be made to any of our programs and services. Some of the programs include diabetes, home healthcare, cancer services, radiology, respiratory care and urology.
  • Healthier Community Initiative (HCI) – HCI is the Foundation’s campaign to raise funds for educational programs and preventive medicine to improve the lives, health and well-being of the families in our community.
  • Gifts Given for the Greatest Need – These gifts include general contributions, which will be designated to the area in greatest need of financial help at that time, as determined by the Foundation Board.
  • Commemorative Giving Program – Gifts through this program can be a touching gesture to honor someone who is important to you. These gifts are made to express a sentiment, such as sympathy, gratitude or respect. The following are types of commemorative giving generally recognized:
    • Memorial Gifts – To Express More Than Sympathy
      A gift to honor the memory of a person who has died and to express sympathy and give consolation to the family.

Tribute Gifts – To Express Thanks, Congratulations or Celebrate a Holiday
A gift to honor a living individual. Tributes may be given to mark a special occasion, such as a birth, an anniversary, a promotion, a graduation, a retirement or a thank you. Tribute is paid to the individual by making a gift in his or her honor (name).  When commemorative gifts are received, the family of the deceased (memorial) or the honoree (tribute) will be notified; however, the amount of the contribution will not