Emergency Care

Baptist Health Floyd’s Level II Emergency Department features 43 patient rooms, including a fast track area, trauma rooms, critical decision unit, specialized cardiac unit and the Violent Crime Response Team.

The Emergency Department medical team at Baptist Health Floyd is comprised of board-certified emergency medicine physicians, registered nurses, medical technicians and a number of other medical personnel. Our team is trained and ready to handle all types of medical emergencies from heart attack and stroke to injuries from accidents to poisonings.

First you will meet with a member of the emergency triage team, when you arrive at the Emergency Department, unless you are critically ill or seriously injured.

Your condition will be assessed to determine how ill or injured you are, while in our triage area.

Physicians must treat the most serious and critical patients immediately. We make every effort to treat every patient in a timely manner and appreciate your patience.

In case of an emergency, call 9-1-1 for your local law enforcement agency or come to the Emergency Department at Baptist Health Floyd.